Undergraduate Student

Focus Area:
Extracellular vesicle differentiation using tunable resistive pulse sensing

Research Interest:
The study of cellular response to different chemical stimuli that selectively disrupt certain structures of the cytoskeleton in order to observe responses in calcification. In addition, He is trying to find the relationship between the studies of extracellular mechanotransduction with intracellular modification in order to understand different states of the cell based on tensegrity models. Manuel is also involved with the development of mathematical models that will be used to quantify and differentiate extracellular vesicles in order to further understand their roles both physiologically and pathologically in cellular activity.

Expected Graduation:
Fall 2019

Fun Fact:
Manuel used to be a math major but switched to biomedical engineering to incorporate some biology into his mathematical studies to pursue his dream of going to medical school. Manuel used to play baseball at Saint Thomas University and in Venezuela where he was born.