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Resolution of Cardiovascular Fibrocalcific Remodeling

Inflammation-driven fibrocalcific remodeling of cardiovascular tissues is a leading cause of death. Anti-inflammatory treatments have proven ineffective at preventing this remodeling. We are exploring natural inflammation resolution therapies that promote homeostasis and tissue regeneration. This could lead to a clinical treatment for this currently untreatable condition.

Super Resolution View of Biomineralization

Biomineralization is an important part of bone physiology but is detrimental to the function of cardiovascular tissues. Any viable therapy for cardiovascular calcification or osteoporosis must affect one tissue without off target effects in the other. We are using advanced imaging and material-based analyses to identify overlapping and divergent mechanisms in these processes.

Cellular Contributions in Aortic Valve Development and Disease

The aortic valve has poorly defined cellular populations. The cellular complexity arises from different embryonic origins. We are studying the interactions between the different cell populations in the aortic valve to discover new therapies for aortic valve disease and to design tissue engineered valve replacements.

Cytoskeletal Alterations and Extracellular Matrix Remodeling

Extracellular matrix components that compose tissues are released from cells in a controlled manner that involves trafficking of small vesicles. The local mechanical environment of the cell influences the cell cytoskeleton and the release of extracellular matrix. We are studying how cytoskeletal changes alter trafficking of intracellular vesicles and release of extracellular matrix components. Outcomes of this study could lead to treatments for fibrotic remodeling of soft tissues and more rational designs for engineered tissue replacements.