Research in the Hutcheson Cardiovascular Matrix Remodeling Lab (CMRL) focuses on the mechanisms through which tissues are built and maintained and the pathological changes that lead to disease. Our primary focus is on cardiovascular disease–the leading cause of death in Western societies. Our research combines advanced imaging, materials science, biomechanics, and molecular biology to connect cellular processes to tissue function. By understanding the ways that cells sense and respond to each other and to changes in their environment, we can develop new ways to detect initiators of disease and find interventions that restore tissue to a normal state. Accomplishing these goals requires an interdisciplinary effort with researchers working at the interface between bioengineering and molecular biology.

Lab News and Views

Dec 05

New device could save glaucoma patients’ eyesight People with high-risk glaucoma will be able to monitor their disease, thanks to a new device developed by an FIU professor. […]

Dec 02

Researchers learn how to take idea from lab to market Sharan Ramaswamy designed a device that mimics human circulation in which cells and tissues can be grown. The technology enables […]

Upcoming Events

Feb 02


Graduate Research Day

Support the FIU BME Graduate Students at the annual Graduate Research Day festivities!

Feb 15


Thirst for Science

Please join us for the first Thirst for Science event featuring Josh Hutcheson on February 15th at MIA Beer Company!

Feb 16


Miami Heart Month Hosted by FIU BME

Miami Heart Month will be highlighted by a special Heart Day Symposium on Friday, February 16th, which will include a poster session from the Miami cardiovascular research community. If you would like to participate, please contact Josh Hutcheson (