Research in the Hutcheson Cardiovascular Matrix Remodeling Lab (CMRL) focuses on the mechanisms through which tissues are built and maintained and the pathological changes that lead to disease. Our primary focus is on cardiovascular disease–the leading global cause of death. Our research combines advanced imaging, materials science, biomechanics, and molecular biology to connect cellular processes to tissue function. By understanding the ways that cells sense and respond to each other and to changes in their environment, we can develop new ways to detect initiators of disease and find interventions that restore tissue to a normal state. Accomplishing these goals requires an interdisciplinary effort with researchers working at the interface between bioengineering and molecular biology.

Lab News

Aug. 9th

PhD Student Katherine Earns Wallace H. Coulter Fellowship

PhD student Katherine Keiser was awarded the Wallace H. Coulter Fellowship. This is a new fellowship initiative from the BME department that provides a $37,000 stipend funded by the Coulter endowment. Congrats KK on being chosen as the inaugural Wallace H. Coulter Fellow – we are beyond proud of you! 

Aug. 6-11th

Dr. Hutcheson Presents at a Gordon Research Conference

Our PI, Dr. Hutcheson, was invited to give a talk at the 2023 Gordon Research Conference on Biomechanics in Vascular Biology and Disease. This year’s conference took place in South Hadley, MA. His talk, titled “Cellular Heterogeneity in Aortic Valve Patterning”, focused the role different types of aortic valve cells may have on development and disease.

July 4th

PhD student Daniel Publishes a Current Opinion Article
PhD student Daniel Chaparro publishes an article on Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering journal. The piece, titled “Underreported cell populations in the aortic valve influence tissue development and homeostasis’, focuses on the type of cells found in the aortic valve. Congrats Dani!

Upcoming Events

2023 BMES Annual Meeting

Our lab will be well represented at this year’s annual BMES meeting. Graduate students Valentina Dargam, Daniel Chaparro, Katherine Keiser, and Mohammad Shaver will be given poster and oral presentations. Undergraduate and MARC U*STAR fellow Andrea Rivera will also be presenting. You can also find us at the FIU booth and social. See y’all there!

FIU BME Undergraduate Research Day

FIU’s BME deparment annual undergraduate research day will take place on Friday November 3rd, 2023. More details to come soon!