Research in the Hutcheson Cardiovascular Matrix Remodeling Lab (CMRL) focuses on the mechanisms through which tissues are built and maintained and the pathological changes that lead to disease. Our primary focus is on cardiovascular disease–the leading cause of death in Western societies. Our research combines advanced imaging, materials science, biomechanics, and molecular biology to connect cellular processes to tissue function. By understanding the ways that cells sense and respond to each other and to changes in their environment, we can develop new ways to detect initiators of disease and find interventions that restore tissue to a normal state. Accomplishing these goals requires an interdisciplinary effort with researchers working at the interface between bioengineering and molecular biology.

Lab News

March 20th

Dr. Hooi Ng wins ISACB’s 2020 Young Investigator Award! Please join me in congratulating Dr. Hooi Ng for receiving winning the International Society for Applied Cardiovascular Biology (ISACB) 2020 Young Investigator Award. Dr. Ng presented her work “A biased relaxin receptor agonist, ML290, attenuates atherosclerotic calcification in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice” at the 17th Biennial Meeting. Congratulations on this major achievement Dr. Ng!

March 15th

PhD candidate Amirala wins Dissertation Year Fellowship!
PhD candidate Amirala Bakhshian Nik wins FIU’s Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF)! This fellowship will support his final year as he gets ready to defend his PhD thesis. Congrats on this achievement and we can’t wait until your defense!

Dec. 15th

PhD candidate Dani Chaparro wins FHRF grant!PhD candidate Daniel Chaparro is awarded a grant from the Florida Heart Research Foundation (FHRF). This is a newly established $60,000/year grant that supports both his research and annual stipend. Dani is studying the role of neural-derived cells in the aortic valve. Congrats Dani!

2021 Flagship Annual Meeting: Where Science Meets Patient Care

We will be presenting our work at the annual meeting of the Florida Chapter of the American College of Cardiology. PI Dr. Joshua Hutcheson, post-doc Dr. Hooi Ng, and PhD candidate Valentina Dargam will be attending and giving oral and poster presentations. This year’s meeting is taking place in Orlando, Fl. Click here to find out more about the meeting.

Aug. 23th
Beginning of Fall Semester

First day of Fall 2021 semester at Florida International University. We are excited to be back in person and to mingle again!